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The Little Guy Teardrop Camper Trailer is capturing the minds of outdoor recreation enthusiast, trailers are selling around the World. Dealerships are being awarded to qualified individuals and companies in the U.S. and abroad. A Little Guy dealership can bring enormous consumer traffic and interest to your existing business.

If you have interest in becoming a dealer please fill out the Dealer Opportunity Form below:
Little Guy Worldwide, LLC
6215 Whipple Avenue, NW

Application for Dealership
Little Guy Product Line

Date: ____________________
Dealership Name: _______________________________     Corporation: ___________
D.B.A.: ________________________________________     Partnership: ___________
Address:_______________________________________  Sole Proprietorship:________
City: ___________________ State: ______ County: __________ Zipcode: __________
Telephone #: __________________________ Fax #: ___________________________
Owner: _________________________ 	General Mgr:  ______________________
Sales Mgr: ______________________	Service Mgr: _____________________________
Authorized to Order: ______________________________________________________
No. of Sales Staff: ____________
Broker (Canadian Dlrs. Only): _______________________________________________
Number of Service Bays: ____________ Size of Property: ___________ acres
Showroom Size _________X_________

Current Line Handled

Dropping any lines?  _______________________________________________________
How long have you been in business? _________________________________________
Approximate Annual New Unit Volume:  
Travel Trailers _________________ Fold Downs _________________
Fifth Wheels __________________ Class A's ___________________
Class C's _________________  Other _________________
Approximate Annual Used Unit Volume ____________________________
DPU ______ or Ship ______ Delivery Hours _______________ Sat. Delivery? _______

Credit References
(Please do not list other RV. Manufactures)

1. Company __________________________ 	Contact: _________________________
		Phone: __________________________
		Fax: ____________________________

2. Company __________________________	Contact: _________________________
		Phone: __________________________
		Fax: ____________________________


Dealer Applicant Signature _______________________________ Date ____________

This is intended solely as an application for dealership authority, no dealership authority is hereby granted and the applicant received no guarantee or assurance that dealership authorization will be granted. Any authorization to act as a dealer shall be granted at the discretion of Little Guy Worldwide.

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